It is all about the Stitch Count

One of the great things about this business is getting to see all the great (and at times not so great) graphic designs that people are using to promote their business or event. The varitity of logos with their different sizes, shapes, and colors is what keeps interesting.

Because of the varitity however, pricing out those logos can get complicated. This is why when you give us a call or stop into the shop to inquire about pricing we always ask you to provide a sample of the logo.

The two main things that will determine the price of your logo will be the final out put size and the detail within the logo itself.

In other words, the larger the logo you need the more stitches are required which results in a higer price. The same holds true for the detail within the logo. In order to preserve the detail more thread might needed to provide the right “fill” to give the design the correct look resulting in a higher stitch count.

Here are two examples to help make things a bit clearer. photo 2 photo 1


The curl27 Fitness logo on the left is a medium size logo but with a low thread count because of its simple design.

The Humphrey’s logo on the right although smaller is a more complicated logo because of the detail in the fill and the fact that it has 4 different colors within that logo.

Both are great logos but pricing will vary between the two based on those factors.

Remeber the more information you can provide us about the applications and design of the logo the better we will be able to quote you a price for your job.









Just a sec…..

Time…we never seem to have enough of it. But we may have found a way to give the gift of time and be a hero in the process.

From fundraising, employee appreciation, to company branding there are time pieces out there to suit all your needs.

These two style would be great for business promotion and branding. And they are something people would hang on to and actually use!



These styles would be great for a corporate retreat or team building event. After the event is over you can give your employees something to remember their accomplishments by.




watch4If you want to step it up a notch these elegant time pieces  cover just about anything from a Thank You to a coach, client, or vendor to recognition for years of service to a retirement gift.



Here are more ways to be a hero and give the gift of time while at the same time promoting your brand, your event, or your non-profit. Hurry…time is slipping away!

Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

pedometerAre you looking to start a wellness program in your company?

The  benefits of promoting wellness in the workplace are well documented: from increased productivity, to less absenteeism, to reduced health costs.

pedometer3These programs usually require very little start up cost yet yield so much benefits to employers and their employees.


pedometer2Here are a couple of links from and Wellness Corporate Solutions to help get you started.

If you are looking for promotional items to help kick your program into high gear we have you covered.

From pedometers to awards for most steps walked in a month we can help you put together a wellness promotion package that will make everyone smile while getting healthy. Because we all know that smiling reduces stress!





Photos courtesy of Sage Online.



Siser Thermal Film your Screen Print alternative

Screen printing is a cost effective, tried, and true way to get your brand or message out into the public realm. Especially if you have a large run to do.

But what if you only want a couple of pieces done?  Or maybe just one: a design you came up with for your favorite Aunt?

Siser Thermal Film is your answer.

From this:


To this:


To the final product:


 From one piece up to 22 pieces this is the cost effective solution to screen printing. So  get designing. Your favorite Aunt will love you all the more.

Brand Yourself!

Marketing and Branding. Key words in the business world. Expensive key words. When you are a small business owner you  feel this pain even more because most of the time there is little to no budget for it. What is a small business owner to do? Time to get creative.

Golf Bag

Look around for things you already own that you may be able to get your business name imprinted on. This makes the item unique, professional looking, and a great conversation starter. You never know..your next client may be standing next to you at the club house.

We welcome one off items. Stop in and lets get creative together.