New Prints for the Pack-In-Go Pullover

Charles River just added these two prints to their ever growing color collection in their Pack-In-Go series.

They also added this cute polka dotted pattern to their Chatham Anorak and Pack-In-Go poncho.

As the weather cools these will be perfect for any outdoor event or as employee gifts as the holiday season approaches. (yes.. we are already looking ahead to the holiday season….)

Posted by Leann 8.18.17

Patterned Fleece Blankets..who knew?

I really should spend more time browsing on-line. (And Dale its for research purposes I promise….)

We have a lot of blankets that come through the shop all in great colors. But none ever haveĀ  patterns. Then while browsing (for research purposes of course) I found these beauties.


Patterned blankets may not work for everyone but they just might kick off your next big marketing/branding idea.

Now back to browsing…I mean research…

It Is All About Details

Golf shirts are not just about golfing any more. We are seeing a lot of different types of businesses using these comfortable, lightweight, moisture wicking shirts for their uniforms. From country club ground crews, to restaurant waitstaff, to on the road salesmen these shirts are a great option for the warm weather.

We just received several new samples from Adidas, Nike, and Charles River with some brand new colors and details.

Take a peak at these from Adidas.


…these from Adidas and Nike Golf


….and these from Charles River.


All of these shirts offer great details such as contrasting stitching, color blocking, and subtle but elegant fabric pattern.

Sometimes it is hard to see all these details on line or in the catalogs so feel free to stop by the shop and have a look. We think you will be surprised by some new options on the old classics.