Not Your Average Sweatshirts

I have more hoodies in my closet than I sometimes wonder is normal. Working here I get to see all the new gear coming out and that doesn’t help my addiction. The new trend for this year is short sleeve and sleeveless hoodies.

Dang… I am going to need a bigger closet.

For more info click on the photo to be taken to the e-catalogs that give you product info, color,  sizing, etc. And then  you know who to call to order!


Posted by Leann 6.13.18



Bomber Jackets are Back

Bomber jackets remixed! 80’s vibe ’18 styling.


I do realize it is June 1st today but these jackets are worth a look no matter what the season. And they appeal to the 80’s kid in me….

For more information on these styles click on the photo to be taken to the e-catalogs where more product information awaits.

Posted by Leann 6.1.18


Augusta, Holloway, and High Five

Augutas, Holloway, and High Five announced last fall that they were bringing all their brands together under one catalog and one web site to make ordering faster, easier, and cheaper by cutting down on multiple shipping charges.

We just uploaded the new Spring Styles 2018 catalog to our E-Catalog page.

Augusta, Holloway, and High Five

Pictures below are some of their top selling styles that are now available.

These three brands offer a wide range of products at different price points so you will have no trouble outfitting your team in trending gear at a great value. And for those of you that don’t play but are really the back bone of your team (parents you know who you are…) they also have some fun and trendy spirit wear. Always a little something for everyone on your team.

Posted by Leann 2.12.18