One District…Finally….

I did a happy dance when I found out the District brand is now just one name. The styles and the fits are the same they only difference is the inside label. This will make my job of recommending styles much much easier. No more is this the junior fit or the ladies fit or the tight fit or the loose fit. Just one name, one great product.

New items from District are coming soon and in the 2019 catalogs we have on order they will have everything grouped together for your browsing convenience. In the meantime click the District link to see what styles might make you do the happy dance for your next event.

Posted by Leann 7.27.18

Color Block Pockets Trending

Check it out! We can help you stay on trend without having to go to a fancy boutique!

pocket sweater


Bella and Canvas

Top image we found  on Pinterest. The other two  images are from our sources at  District and Bella+Canvas.

We are feeling really cool about now…


The “Fit” Explained

It is always tricky trying to figure out what size clothing to buy. Even more so when you have to buy for your whole company or an event.

Here is a video that will help explain.

Yes the video is a little cheesy but we hope it helped anyway.