Patterned Fleece Blankets..who knew?

I really should spend more time browsing on-line. (And Dale its for research purposes I promise….)

We have a lot of blankets that come through the shop all in great colors. But none ever haveĀ  patterns. Then while browsing (for research purposes of course) I found these beauties.


Patterned blankets may not work for everyone but they just might kick off your next big marketing/branding idea.

Now back to browsing…I mean research…

Blizzard 2013

If you are not from the New England area you may have heard we got a bit of snow. About two feet or so here in Portsmouth. But power is back on, we are warm, and the machines are back cranking out goodies.

Sherpa Blankets

We sure wish we had some of these soft and cozy sherpa blankets to keep us warm while waiting for the power this weekend. Next time Mother Nature be warned…we will be ready.