Flip Flop Season Starts Now!

Happy First Day of Summer! Looks like you could use a new pair of flip flops.

Flip flops and slides make fun promo items and it is not an idea that has been used to death. Really how many more string bags do you  need. Unless perhaps they have a pair of flip flops in them.

Need some ideas of how to incorporate the ultimate summer accessory into your promo needs?

  • Flip flops are a natural fit for the hospitality industry and a great way to get your hotel, inn, or spa name out there. Add your logo, city and state, or just a hashtag to make your customers stay memorable.
  • Planning an walk, run, or fitness event? Add these to the goodie bag for extra flair. Remember to add your promo hashtag to your event flyer so after the finish lines have been crossed and medals handed out your Instagram account will be flooded with  feet shots.
  • Getting married? Will there be dancing late into the night? If yes, flip flops or slides make a very different and memorable wedding favor. And perfect to slip on for a long night of dancing under the stars.
  • Speaking of weddings don’t forget family reunions, company picnics, or boat and beach events.

More great product ideas inside this catalog.

Posted by Leann 6.21.18


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