How to Make your Tee Shirt SOFT

The bloggers over at Who What Wear just posted this #stylehack.

I personally haven’t tried this to know if it works or not. But I do know that recently customers have been asking us for a softer feeling tee shirt option when they areĀ  placingĀ  an order. They are finding certain brands they have sworn by for years have now become stiff and scratchy. This might be a good solution to that problem. I can’t vouch for what it will do to the printing either, but you might come up with just the look you were going after.

If you do try it out let us know how it worked. Take some before and after photos too. Those trend setters at WhoWhatWear might be on to something.

Photo courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Posted by Leann 7.7.17

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