First Gift Guide of 2018

It is the middle of September and I can’t believe we are rolling out our first Gift Guide of the Gift Giving season. But we are and here it is.

New Era and The NorthFace as well as Alternative have brand new gear in this guide. A little bit of something for everyone from clients, employee, to customers and vendors. Branding at its best.

Posted by Leann 9.19.18

Essential Outerwear

Having just finished the hottest August on record you are probably not really in the mood to be thinking about jackets. That’s why you have us to remind you that the cool fall temps which will bring fridge winter temps are not far off.

Brand essential from NorthEnd, Dri-Duck, Marmot and Spyder (yes you read that right…check out page 22) are now available.

Don’t get caught out in the cold…okay I had to go there.

Posted by Leann 9.10.18

Can Aprons be Cool?

Why yes they can. And the folks at Uncommon Threads can show you just how cool they can be. A lot of our vendors offer aprons and chef coats as a convenience. And to be honest they are perfectly fine but a little boring. Uncommon Threads elevates the aprons and chef coats to a whole new level…because why be boring?


And don’t think these items are just for restaurants, cafes, or food trucks.  The aprons can be perfect for:

  • Art studios hosting paint nights
  • Volunteers working in kitchens or making charitable food deliveries
  • Teachers, parents, and students for school events
  • Corporate team building
  • Event employees who need to handle tickets, money, or other small items

Posted by Leann 9.5.18



Campfire Nights

Evenings around a campfire….ah nothing better…even if it is (in my case) a fire pit in the backyard in the middle of suburbia.

Regardless of where your campfire is these mugs are sure to make a big hit with lots of different uses. Get your thinking cap on.

  • Floral/Candy arrangements
  • Real Estate/Rental Management
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Swag Bags
  • Wedding Favors
  • Finishing gift for Race/Fitness Events
  • Adventure/Outdoor


Posted by Leann 7.12.18


Stayin’ Cool with Igloo

Blink! June is almost over and the 4th of July is on the horizon. If you still need some  ideas for your summer events it is Igloo to the rescue.

These bags are a great use of your advertising budget. From company picnics, employee and customer perks to donations and raffles. It’s an easy cost effective way to get your brand out there without a lot of effort. (like tracking down sizes can be for clothing.) And there are more options too. So if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for click the cooler link for some more ideas.

Posted by Leann 6.27.18

Flip Flop Season Starts Now!

Happy First Day of Summer! Looks like you could use a new pair of flip flops.

Flip flops and slides make fun promo items and it is not an idea that has been used to death. Really how many more string bags do you  need. Unless perhaps they have a pair of flip flops in them.

Need some ideas of how to incorporate the ultimate summer accessory into your promo needs?

  • Flip flops are a natural fit for the hospitality industry and a great way to get your hotel, inn, or spa name out there. Add your logo, city and state, or just a hashtag to make your customers stay memorable.
  • Planning an walk, run, or fitness event? Add these to the goodie bag for extra flair. Remember to add your promo hashtag to your event flyer so after the finish lines have been crossed and medals handed out your Instagram account will be flooded with  feet shots.
  • Getting married? Will there be dancing late into the night? If yes, flip flops or slides make a very different and memorable wedding favor. And perfect to slip on for a long night of dancing under the stars.
  • Speaking of weddings don’t forget family reunions, company picnics, or boat and beach events.

More great product ideas inside this catalog.

Posted by Leann 6.21.18


The Unofficial Start of Summer

And just like that Summer is underway. For a lot of folks that means shorter work days, casual Friday attire all week, and office picnics. Bring on the pigment dyed tees to lend  that perfect Summer vibe to anything you are up to this season.

Hanes has gotten into the pigment dyed game with their brand new line called Comfort Wash.

Port & Company has a great line of pigment dyed tee shirts and  every year they add to their color options giving you a lot of choices.

Then there is the tried and true original Comfort Colors. A slightly higher price point but the quality can’t be beat.

Between these brands you won’t have any trouble finding just the right color, style, or feel to make your next event into a wonder Summer memory.

Posted by Leann 5.29.18

Water Bottles and Tumblers for your Long Weekend

To kick off the season of outdoor fun we have water bottles and tumblers on sale thru July.

Different styles, different colors, and different price points for different budgets. Lots to ponder. And did we mention they were on sale?

As we slide into the long weekend we would like to wish everyone Happy Memorial Day. We are looking forward to the short break to be with friends, family and to remember.

Posted by Leann 5.24.18

Summer Browsing…

You have an event and you have no clue what to do about it. You are tired of handing out more pens, tee shirts, or hats. You want to mix it up but don’t have any clue where to start. This happens a lot. Too many choices not enough time to explore them all. When that feeling starts to creep in, just sit back and browse. We find that when our customers give us a general idea of what they are looking for and are flexible with suggestions they end up finding the perfect “thing” by almost not looking for it.

If you are struggling with that exact dilemma right now sit back, relax, and browse the Summer/Fall collection above. Bet you’ll find something intriguing.

Posted by Leann 5.22.18

Now where did I put my 8-in-1 pen…


Seriously…8 functions 1 pen. And it still looks pretty cool.

This is dedicated to all you builders, handymen and handywomen, hardware store owners, and craftsmen and women who need a fun give away or promotional item that starts at a good price point and only gets better the more you buy. (That was one heck of a run on sentence but still point made.)