Not Your Average Sweatshirts

I have more hoodies in my closet than I sometimes wonder is normal. Working here I get to see all the new gear coming out and that doesn’t help my addiction. The new trend for this year is short sleeve and sleeveless hoodies.

Dang… I am going to need a bigger closet.

For more info click on the photo to be taken to the e-catalogs that give you product info, color,  sizing, etc. And then  you know who to call to order!


Posted by Leann 6.13.18



Bomber Jackets are Back

Bomber jackets remixed! 80’s vibe ’18 styling.


I do realize it is June 1st today but these jackets are worth a look no matter what the season. And they appeal to the 80’s kid in me….

For more information on these styles click on the photo to be taken to the e-catalogs where more product information awaits.

Posted by Leann 6.1.18


The Unofficial Start of Summer

And just like that Summer is underway. For a lot of folks that means shorter work days, casual Friday attire all week, and office picnics. Bring on the pigment dyed tees to lend  that perfect Summer vibe to anything you are up to this season.

Hanes has gotten into the pigment dyed game with their brand new line called Comfort Wash.

Port & Company has a great line of pigment dyed tee shirts and  every year they add to their color options giving you a lot of choices.

Then there is the tried and true original Comfort Colors. A slightly higher price point but the quality can’t be beat.

Between these brands you won’t have any trouble finding just the right color, style, or feel to make your next event into a wonder Summer memory.

Posted by Leann 5.29.18

Denim Jackets Are Always In Style

While other fashion trends and styles come and go you can always count on the good old denim jacket to be in vogue. Sometimes the cut is looser, sometimes shorter, the fabric sometimes patterned, but the basic jacket style remains the same.

In our industry most folks don’t think of the denim jacket as a go to for their uniforming needs. But it shouldn’t be ruled out especially if you want to mix things up for corporate (or not so corporate) events, conferences, or parties.

Can’t use them in your day to day work wardrobe? You can use them as gifts for sales goals met, achievement awards, or as the holiday season approaches, thank you gifts. It is an item that won’t be put in the back of the closet and as we all know your employees are your best use of your advertising budget.

Don’t forget they could easily be used as a promotional item or as part of a gift basket, giveaway, or raffle.

See we are always full of ideas!

Posted by Leann 5.11.17

Calling all Greg Norman Fans

Yep, we now sell Greg Norman gear and we have a men’s and women’s sample in the shop.

These are premium items along the same price point as Nike and Under Armour. For more options check out the Greg Norman catalog below.

Posted by Leann 4.27.18

The New Power Suit featuring New Era

A few weeks ago I did a post called Putting It Together about how to approach setting  up your brand or  uniform  with a cohesive look. Ironically, the next day after I published that post this appeared in my in box.

This is New Era’s take on uniforming, highlighting their new fashion brand that  arrived in late winter. With these combos they show that you don’t have to have a “traditional” (polo, jacket, tie, etc…) uniform to  achieve a pull together professional look.

The New Era catalog is full of other great ideas to help you think outside the normal uniforming box. Click the text in red to see the catalog or stop in the shop and pick up a printed copy. We have plenty for the taking.


Posted by Leann 4.23.18

Limited Edition Nike Gear..Seriously

News Flash!


We now are offering the above Retail styled Nike gear for a limited time. You won’t find information on these products on our website yet as the release of these items happened yesterday.

No worries though. Hit us up for more information and pricing by phone or e-mail and we can get product info to you. Don’t wait though. When they sell out word on the street is they won’t be restocking.

Posted by Leann 4.12.18

Celebrate Your Favorite Caregiver

Nurses Week is May 6th thru 12th. Let’s celebrate all those folks that help us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

From one special person to a whole staff here is a selection of items that will make your celebration and saying thanks go a long way.

Click the photo to be taken to the complete Charles River catalog for other great options.

Posted by Leann 4.5.18

Putting it all Together

Business uniforming is hard. Everyone has their own opinions and likes and the person or department in charge of uniforming always ends up feeling like they are in a no win situation.

It is true that for all your employees one brand, style, or color rarely works well for everybody. But that’s okay. This guide gives you some ideas how you can work your uniform around a color palette, how to achieve a certain “look” that represents your brand, and how accessories such as hats or bags (duffle bags, backpacks, or totes) can give your group a uniform look at events, meetings, and corporate outings.

The above guide only scratches the surface on what is out there for you. Here is our quick check list for getting your business uniforming on.

Research first! Love it or hate it social media like Instagram and Twitter can be your best friends during your research phase. Check out what other companies in your field are doing. Check out other companies not related to your field at all and see if there is some takeaway you can apply to your company. It costs nothing to look but may save you time and money down the line as your uniform vision takes shape.

Baby steps! Biggest thing to remember as you uniform your gang is baby steps. Outfitting a group can get pricey. Some companies have budgets that will allow them to outfit all at once. Most don’t however, so start small. Maybe the best way for your company is by department, by upcoming events, or by starting with your sales team that is face to face with your customers. There is no wrong place to start.

Go for it! When it all becomes to overwhelming, I always tell our customers to start with something easy, like hats. One size fits all, they are not a big investment and they are the number one best use of your advertising money. Everyone will see them and then everyone will want one.

We always have catalogs in the shop.  If your research stalls, stop in and we can help get you on your way again. Oh and the catalogs are FREE!

Posted by Leann 3.19.18


Gildan Hammer

Hanes has long been know for its heavy weight 6 oz Beefy-T. If you liked 100% cotton at the heaviest weight, you were a fan of this for life. Gildan is now introducing their version of the Beefy-T called the Hammer.

I am going to assume you at least glanced at the text in the photo above so I won’t repeat. Bottom line is the tee shirt is soft, comes in a long sleeve and with a pocket, and has 30 colors to choose from.

Current trends are toward a lighter weight tee but if you are a die hard fan of the heavy weight tee you should  stop by and check out The Hammer. Gildan was kind enough to send us a sample. By the way did I mention it was SOFT?

Posted by Leann 2.23.18