A White Blazer and A Denim Shirt

While scrolling through my Instagram feed  I ran across this.

White Blazer

What a curious look…and yet kind of a brilliant idea. The blazer pulls everything together and adds polish to the outfit but the denim shirt says we are not taking this too seriously. (I think I have been reading too many fashion blogs…)

Would you try this look for your next event like a trade show or corporate retreat?

Photo courtesy of sofiacheriee via Insagram

Mark your Calendars

Most folks don’t think about their calendar needs until Dec.31. But now is a perfect time to get your calendars ready for next year. With these beautiful calendars from Ad-A-Day you can start your personalized calendars with any month you want.

Calendar 3

Calendar 2

Calendar 1

Calendar 4

Calendar 5

Calendar 6

Notice we said PERSONALIZED? Each month of these calendars can be personalized with any name you choose.

For example if you run a veterinary clinic and want to say thanks to your clients for their patronage you can personalize the calendar with their pets name.

Run a landscaping business? Personalize it  with either your client’s name or how about their street address?

From vineyards to yacht yards these calendars make a great PERSONAL gift and keep your name in front of your customers all year long. And it is easy to do. Just provide us with an excel list of the names you want to use and we will take care of the rest. You can even provide your own pictures to make the calendar unique to your business. Get creative and then give us a call!


Gray for a Bohemian Inspired Look

While looking through our  Bloglovin’ feed this picture, in a post by TLVBirdie, caught my eye. The post talks about how most people think of black or white as the go to colors to create a wardrobe around. But TLVBiride says if you want to create a relaxed, laid back bohemian look start with a basic gray tee.

Wardrobe Essential Guide - Grey T-shirt _TLV Birdie Blog 01Photo courtesy of TLVBirdie

This works well in your own personal wardrobe but how does it translate into the workplace? And if you are in charge of your businesses corporate gear you know how hard it can be to try and find items that represent your business ideas and the “vibe” you want it to generate.

Our take on bohemian looks is District Made. They make some great tees with different cuts, textures, styles, and weights.

These tees would be perfect for setting a warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere for your clients. All of these styles can be embroidered or screened or left to layer under a jacket or sweater. The different styles work well together and keep your employees in the same color palette without making everyone look too matched.

Photo courtesy of TLVBirdie





Real Pocket Books

The top paper back book publisher in Brazil teamed up with a Brazilian fashion house and created a great marketing / branding project. As a huge reader this idea I thought was brilliant.

And just because we may not be able to get our hands on these works of art quite so easily don’t despair. Create your own by putting your favorite quote on your favorite garment: A motivational quote down the leg of your sweatpants, a short poem for the back pocket on your jeans, or a long quote for the back of a tee shirt. Oh the possibilities.

For more information on this project click here. It is worth the read. (But I say that all the time don’t I….)

Authentic Pigment Updates Its Look

AP old logoYou might recognize this logo. In fact some where in your tee shirt collection you probably have an Authentic Pigment tee. Hang on to it…the label could become a collectors item as Authentic Pigment has just undergone a branding update.

The quality hasn’t changed just the look of the label. Authentic Pigment kept their Original Resort Tee’s and Sweatshirts and added a new line of XtraFine 5oz Combed Ringspun Cotton tee’s and tanks as well as new French Terry Sweatshirts and Hoodies. All with an updated, modern fit that cuts closer to the body for a more pulled together look. And you will love the color pallet: indigos, neons, pastels, industrials, and hues taken right from mother nature

We just got some samples here at the shop so next time you are in be sure to ask for a sneak peak. Another great alternative for your summer tee wardrobe.

The Classic White Shirt

The classic white button down: a closet staple.

Dress them up….

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/117023290292382405/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/1055599886897304/

add a tie….

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/469148486153742943/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/212724782371305288/

or go casual.

http://www.pinterest.com/pin/130604457915898066/ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/327355466635795827/

You can’t go wrong with several in your closet.

Looking for a way to use a white button down for your next event? Try this style tip. Add a small logo or detail that represents the event and place it on the cuff or the back just below the collar. Layer the white shirt over a base layer to create a cohesive look. Take it a step further and make it so the base layer can be whatever suits each person and will let their individuality shine through.Either way the white shirt will bring it all together and make everyone look great.



Images courtesy of Pinterest.






Fun Friday Promo Items

Here is our first installment of Fun Friday Promo Items. There is so many cool new items out there to help promote your business we want to make sure you don’t miss a single one.

The wine pen. (Everyone here at the shop wants one…) This is truly a universal promo idea. Hotels, Spas, Vineyards, Liquor Retailers, Restaurants, Yacht Christenings, Weddings and Showers. Need we go on?


Tired of giving away magnets to your take out clients? How about handing off the goods with one of these babies? With your business name and phone number on them they will never forget where to get their next pizza.


For all you techies out there a Robot USB Hub. This would make a great give away for those of you in the Technology, Banking, or Software fields.


This one we found the most hilarious and eye catching.  The high heeled shoe can be used as an ipad or kindle holder, phone or business card holder. Talk about making a statement! Wouldn’t these make awesome table number/name holders for a wedding or women’s corporate event?


We hope these spark some ideas. If you need more give us a buzz. We are full of them…ideas that is! Happy Friday

Step it Up a Notch

Not everyone in the work force today can dress casually. There are still plenty of companies that require their employees to step it up a notch.

If you work for one of those companies and are in charge of trying to find that perfect dress shirt for corporate events, tradeshows, or executive travel look no futher than RedHouse.


RH63_Blue_Model_Back_062612 RH63_PURPLE_DUSK_MODEL_GA14


Redhouse provides 100% cotton no iron shirts for both men and women in a varitey of styles, colors, and patterns. All pieces can be embroidered with your company logo and best of all the price won’t break the bank.

Click on RedHouse to see all the options.


It is all about the Stitch Count

One of the great things about this business is getting to see all the great (and at times not so great) graphic designs that people are using to promote their business or event. The varitity of logos with their different sizes, shapes, and colors is what keeps interesting.

Because of the varitity however, pricing out those logos can get complicated. This is why when you give us a call or stop into the shop to inquire about pricing we always ask you to provide a sample of the logo.

The two main things that will determine the price of your logo will be the final out put size and the detail within the logo itself.

In other words, the larger the logo you need the more stitches are required which results in a higer price. The same holds true for the detail within the logo. In order to preserve the detail more thread might needed to provide the right “fill” to give the design the correct look resulting in a higher stitch count.

Here are two examples to help make things a bit clearer. photo 2 photo 1


The curl27 Fitness logo on the left is a medium size logo but with a low thread count because of its simple design.

The Humphrey’s logo on the right although smaller is a more complicated logo because of the detail in the fill and the fact that it has 4 different colors within that logo.

Both are great logos but pricing will vary between the two based on those factors.

Remeber the more information you can provide us about the applications and design of the logo the better we will be able to quote you a price for your job.