Charles River Doggie Rain Gear

For all you with four-legged BFF’s are you ready for this cuteness?


Charles River has just introduced the New Englander Doggie Rain Jacket. It coordinates with the human version so you and your pal can step out in style.

A few of the product features include:

  • 100% wind and waterproof shell
  • Leash access opening
  • Back pocket for doggie bags and treats
  • Silver reflective trim for visibility

These jacekts are a great way to promote your pet store, grooming shop, vet practice, or specialty shop that focuses on the tourist trade.  (Think Newport, RI in the summer.)

We don’t have a sample in the shop as of yet but if you want to check one out in person drop us a line and we will make it happen.

Photos are courtesy of Charles River.



Giveaway Ideas Part 1: Glasses, Mugs, and Water Bottles

Drinkware is very versatile at expos and events. There are tons of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Some even come as a gift sets if you want to up your giveaway level. If your company has multiple logos or tag lines drinkware can be very cost effective. Instead of charging logo set ups for multiple locations most vendors offer a wrap service. This means you are given an area that wraps around the glass, mug, or water bottle. Whatever you can fit in that area is considered one logo, one location. Pretty niffty huh?

Scroll through the ideas below and see if anything floats your boat. For a full image click on the item you are interested in.



Water Bottles


Augusta 2015

Just added the new Augusta 2015 Fall catalog to our E-Catalog library.

Don’t let the word FALL fool you. Lot’s of stuff for right now!


CamoHex: A Updated Camo Look

Sport Tek is introducing a new kind of pattern for their performance tees, sweatshirts and hats. It is a new twist on an old classic. The CamoHex is a  sublimated digital camo that uses small hexagons in a tonal pattern.  We gotta admit it is pretty cool.

The tee’s are 3.8 oz of 100% Polyester, go from XS-4XL and come in youth sizes. But the real question is how well do the work when you print something on them?

camo shirts 2 up

I used Sisser Cad-Cut Fashion film and did a small front logo and large back image on the ladies tee. (And yes I did that on purpose as I intend to wear it later….) The pattern shows through the orange film a bit but personally I liked the effect. It makes it look like it is more apart of the shirt and not sitting on top of it. The film went on very easy and looks quite good after a washing.

These shirts are perfect for your team, gym, or corporate team building, come in some cool colors, and have other matching items so you can make a complete outfit if you so desire.

Let us know what you think! Here is the CamoHex link  on our website where you can find them and the color options.

Monograms with a Twist

We do a lot of monogramming.  We have three basic styles and it  is a great way to personalize gifts for all kinds of events and milestones.

But what if you take it up a notch and your monogram became your brand? By playing around with font types and sizes you can create a unique monogram and use it in just the same way you would any logo. It is especially great idea if you are self employed and use your name or initials as your business name.

Here are some examples I found on and pulled the ones that caught my eye. Do make sure to check out their website for the other images which are just as inspiring.

Monogram 4 Monogram 3 monogram 1 monogram 2 Monogram 5

You’ll never look at your monogram the same.


Show off your doodling

When I was in second grade I drew on my white Keds. My parents were none too happy about it. I don’t remember the punishment but I know I never drew on my sneakers again. But I remember vividly sitting on the floor of my bedroom with my blue ball point pen making random lines and swirls in the rubber and loving how the ink felt as I wrote my name on the toes of the shoes. At least I didn’t mark them right and left… I did that later to my poor sister.


This  photo from Highsnobiety brought back the memory of how much fun doodling is. And while I no longer doodle on my sneakers it’s nice to know that now it could be considered high art.

Have some great doodling you would like to immortalize? We can’t print on sneakers but we can transfer your art to tee’s, sweatshirts, towels, and bags. Got some ideas? Let us know….and we won’t tell Mom what you are up to.


9 Days until…….. V DAY!

You have nine days until Valentines day. But no need to panic. Look around you for inspiration to make this year different and special.

I found this post on our Blog Lovin feed from enJOY it. Click on the photo to go the original article.


I of course translated it into a few quick tee shirt ideas.

Heart Tees

Our model Mitzi in red is wearing a Hanes v-neck with a heart I grabbed from free clip art. Eleanor is wearing a a crew neck Gildan tee with a design I made up in Corel Draw. (Yes those hearts are orange…think out side the box…hearts come in all colors!)

Quick, simple, and a gift that keeps on giving. Remember it doesn’t have to be over the top to make a lasting and loving impression. Or it can be a great addition to an over the top gift if you are so inclined.

Look around, get inspried, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS: Words on a tee make and easy and quick gift. I had several picked out to do for this post but…I ran out of time…After all customers work comes first!


Happy Groundhog Day

So another snow/sleet event here in New England. I am sure this storm has a name but I have no clue what it is. And it doesn’t really matter because according to the groundhog we have another six weeks of winter anyway. Kind of bumming….

This post from Bored Panda made me laugh however and I hope you find a favorite to brighten this snowy day.

Stay warm and enjoy the six weeks.



All Over Printing

This seems to be the wave of the future: all over printing. You can do some pretty wild stuff with it.


If pop culture is more your game Clashist has some really cool images . Here is the link to their Instagram account.

Take peak into the world of all over printing and let us know what you think. Wave of the future or simply a fad?