Step it Up a Notch

Not everyone in the work force today can dress casually. There are still plenty of companies that require their employees to step it up a notch.

If you work for one of those companies and are in charge of trying to find that perfect dress shirt for corporate events, tradeshows, or executive travel look no futher than RedHouse.


RH63_Blue_Model_Back_062612 RH63_PURPLE_DUSK_MODEL_GA14


Redhouse provides 100% cotton no iron shirts for both men and women in a varitey of styles, colors, and patterns. All pieces can be embroidered with your company logo and best of all the price won’t break the bank.

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It is all about the Stitch Count

One of the great things about this business is getting to see all the great (and at times not so great) graphic designs that people are using to promote their business or event. The varitity of logos with their different sizes, shapes, and colors is what keeps interesting.

Because of the varitity however, pricing out those logos can get complicated. This is why when you give us a call or stop into the shop to inquire about pricing we always ask you to provide a sample of the logo.

The two main things that will determine the price of your logo will be the final out put size and the detail within the logo itself.

In other words, the larger the logo you need the more stitches are required which results in a higer price. The same holds true for the detail within the logo. In order to preserve the detail more thread might needed to provide the right “fill” to give the design the correct look resulting in a higher stitch count.

Here are two examples to help make things a bit clearer. photo 2 photo 1


The curl27 Fitness logo on the left is a medium size logo but with a low thread count because of its simple design.

The Humphrey’s logo on the right although smaller is a more complicated logo because of the detail in the fill and the fact that it has 4 different colors within that logo.

Both are great logos but pricing will vary between the two based on those factors.

Remeber the more information you can provide us about the applications and design of the logo the better we will be able to quote you a price for your job.









Boring Hoodies? We Think Not!

2014 is a only a few weeks away so why not bust out of that boring hoodie rut.

Check out our Style Me! board on Pinterest to link to Alternative Apparels great line of hoodies that are anything but boring.

Finish the look off with a personalization, logo, or quote and get your 2014 off to a warm, cozy, non-boring start.

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

While the thumbnail is small the ideas in our Giftage 2013 Catalog are huge! From Eddie Bauer to Nike to District this little catalog packs a lot of gift options into it. Click on the thumbnail above to discover gifts for your corporate team, your golfing buddies, or your extending family visiting for the holidays. We are here to help make your holiday shopping stress free.

Oh and don’t forget to personalize it! It makes a gift all that more special.

Think Pink

Are you participating in a event to help support breast cancer awareness next month? If so check out some great options to help get your message out and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pink2Pink4Pink6Pink7Pink3Pink1These are just a few idea. There are many more clothing ideas and promo ideas on our website. As always if you have an idea but aren’t sure how to run with it give us a call. We love seeing ideas put into action.


Back to School || Back to Fall Activities

We are enjoying the beautiful summer weather here in New England, but we know that so many of you have fall and back to school on your mind.


We set up a new board on our Pinterest site called Child’s Play. Currently on the board –  a mix of play and dress clothes to help your kids transition back into a routine.


If you have been assigned the task of getting teams uniforms don’t forget to give us a call. We can get you set up with jersey’s, tee’s and sweats, baseball hats and other items to help promote your team with  eye catching silk screen, embroidery, or heat transfer designs.



Here is to a winning fall season!



So you want to Start a Bowling Team…


You and your friends have decided you want to start a bowling  team. It sounds good over a couple of beers but once the light of day dawns you realize you might not exactly know how to go about doing it.

Here is the National Embroidery quick and easy way to get your team out on those lanes and winning trophies.

First you need a cool team name: “Changing Lanes”, “Framed Out”, “Pin Heads”, or “Livin’ On a Spare” work well. Brainstorm with the team to come up with something unique to you.

Second you will need to pick out a cool graphic for the back of your shirts. Something  retro is always classy.


Third comes the hard part. Well, not really because we have just the bowling shirt for you. The hard part is picking out the team color. There is  a nice variety to choose from.


And don’t forget once you have your shirts and your team is out and about looking spiffy, we have trophies for those team mates who are the “Most Improved”, “Most Enthusiastic”, or “Most Gutter Balls”.




Photos Courtesy of: The Educated Owl, BowlingShirt.Com, and National Embroidery/The Next Event


Nursing Week May 6th – May 12th 2013

National Nurses Week is next week, beginning on  May 6th with National Nurses Day and running  through May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.


Uniforms have changed over the years but the care and dedication found in these individuals has not. In recognition of these professionals we are offering a 10% discount on all scrubs and lab coats  purchased through our web site now through May 12th.

Make the uniform even more special by adding a monogram, logo, or favorite quote to your purchase. We don’t mind doing only one piece!


Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota


Brand Yourself!

Marketing and Branding. Key words in the business world. Expensive key words. When you are a small business owner you  feel this pain even more because most of the time there is little to no budget for it. What is a small business owner to do? Time to get creative.

Golf Bag

Look around for things you already own that you may be able to get your business name imprinted on. This makes the item unique, professional looking, and a great conversation starter. You never know..your next client may be standing next to you at the club house.

We welcome one off items. Stop in and lets get creative together.





National Embroidery is Hiring

Machines with black blanekts

National Embroidery is looking for two experienced Embroiders/Sewing Machine Operators. These are part-time positions with full-time potential. Hours are Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm. Compensation is based on experience. If you are interested in these positions please apply in person. Our address is 3390 East Main Road Portsmouth, RI 02871. We look forward to meeting you.