Gift Giving 2017 Part 4

This gift guide from Snugz USA should get those gift giving ideas flowing.

I picked this catalog to feature because it has some cool products that will translate well across different industries.

Has your company had a record year in sales and your group deserves some R&R time? Flip to page 8 for some relaxing gift set ideas that will leave your employees  ready to jump into 2018 with renewed energy. Looking for a deluxe set to thank your clients for that record year? Check out page 21. Your gift recipient is sure to be thankful.

If stocking stuffers are more your thing pages 28/29 has some practical and yet fun ways to get your brand out there.  I think the dye sublimated socks are a wonderful idea. One size fits all, they are an unusual gift , and they  can be reused again and again so your brand continues to take center stage.

Sungz has some really wonderful ideas for those of you in the Health and Wellness fields. Page 18/19 has great essential oil and bath salts sets. Page 22 has smaller essential oil combo packs in attractive package making it a truly outstanding gift idea.

Questions or need help with more ideas? Give us a shout. And while you are ruminating on ideas remember to allow about a two week turn around on most products. No need to incur rush charges if you don’t have to.

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Gift Giving 2017 Part 3

While we are still excited about offering North Face gear we realize that some of our customers need other options at a slightly better price point.

Eddie Bauer gear to the rescue.

Eddie Bauer’s cozy jackets and durable ripstop duffel bags make an easy choice for employee and customer appreciation gifts. They also make great raffle or auction prizes. And the price point won’t break the bank!

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Gift Giving 2017 Part 2

Up next for gift giving ideas is from Glass America. We have done a lot of work with them over the years on everything from wine glasses, to beer mugs, and even awards. Their items are top quality and they provide quick turnaround on most items.

Take a minute to flip thru the catalog to find elegant barware, beautiful ornaments, and sturdy mugs perfect for gift giving.

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Join the Fight!

We’ve got some great ideas to help you join the fight against Breast Cancer.

Planning a 5K walk/run, volley ball tournament, or all night dance-a-thon?  Sport-Tek and District Made have got some great options like hoodies, baseball tees, and warm up jackets.

Planning a corporate event? Port Authority has wonderfully made woven dress shirts in all styles and fabrics from no-iron easy care and twill to polyester and 100% cotton.

Planning a goodie bag give away to raise awareness? Check out this Cinch Pack.  This pack has room for all kinds of cool items. If you are looking for ideas on how to fill that pack check out our promotions site The Next Event.

No matter the type of event be it big or small, traditional or cutting edge, thank you for helping to continue to bring awareness to this disease.

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25oz. Wellspring Water Bottle

With all the fun summer things you have planned don’t forget the water bottle.

I see so many water bottle options in my various e-mails that sometimes I kind of stop looking. This product from Glass America, however, caught my eye. Not your typical sport water bottle, this will lend its self well to more upscale events. Right now they are on sale too which makes a win/win for everybody.

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Light Up Your Life

I first saw these lanterns in an email from (of course). They were the deal of the day. And a deal they were. I got a set of four in case of power outages (winter was at hand). Of course this meant we had no power outages over the winter and I have yet to use them. But summer is coming and you might just find me sitting in the backyard with all four of them around me….because I can.

Once I owned them I started seeing them everywhere in our world of promotional items. And what a great way to get your brand out there.  Besides power outages they have a ton of applications: in the garage for under the hood work (auto repair shops, car lots, shuttle or cab services), in the tent on that long over due camping trip (sporting goods, outdoor events, or school clubs), or yes even sitting in your back yard on warm summer nights(everybody).

These would make a great thank you gift for Real Estate agencies or Insurance companies. Plumbers, Painters, and Electricians can use them as a thank you after a completed job.  With the phone number and your logo they can be see by your clients friends and family for instant referrals.

Here is the link to the one shown above. If you want to see more options just search for lanterns in our Next Event website and see all the other goodies out there.

It is not warm enough yet to go sit in the backyard with my lanterns so I think I will just sit in my living room with them instead…because I can.

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Earth Day is April 22, 2017

Did you know Earth Day began on April 22, 1970? The website Earth Day Network says “The idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, he realized that if he could infuse that energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.”  And it did. Earth Day is now celebrated all over the world and brings us together (at least for a day) across cultures, religions, and country boundaries.

Take a peek  a few offerings that are made with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Keep scrolling for some ideas how you can make Earth Day an all month event while promoting your brand and giving a shout out to Mother Earth at the same time.




For those of you using organic/natural products in your business you got it easy!

  • Landscapers using non-toxic lawn chemicals.
  • Food Trucks using all organic ingredients.
  • Cleaning Services using non-toxic cleaning supplies in the home or office.

Throw an Earth Day message  and your logo on your item of choice and your job is done .

For those of you in businesses that don’t  directly promote an earth friendly product, don’t despair. You may just have to think outside the box a bit harder. Here are three ideas to get you started.

For the month of April set up a can recycling spot and have all the employees get involved in the recycling project. At the end of a time period you set up take the cans to be redeemed and use the money for a  pizza party to celebrate Earth Day. Then keep the good recycling habit going!

Do you work in a corporate office where there is that one department that uses way more paper than needed? Set up a friendly competition among all departments with recycling bins for paper  that would normally be thrown away/shredded when not needed. At the end of the competition weigh the paper and whoever has the least to recycle wins. May some nice sweatshirts or tee’s with the company logo for the winning team. The loosing departments…..  shredding duty. Or throw a shredding party for the whole office with snacks and drinks. Just make sure to recycle all that paper.

If you work in a business park get the whole business community involved. Set up a donation day where used clothing, toys, and small household goods are brought to a spot within the business park. Have a park wide picnic and celebrate Earth Day. The donations can be picked up by the charity of your choice at the end of the event. All of the donated goods stay out of the landfill and you have just made some great new friends within your business community.

For clothing ideas for your Earth Day Events or to make a donation check out Earth Day Network.

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Columbus Award

Everyone should be recognized for a job well done. Some companies show their appreciation by giving bonuses , a well deserved  vacation, or gift certificates. Nothing however beats the receiving of a well made, elegant award.

These will hold a place of honor on your employee’s desk for a long time to come. The key is to find an award that is NOT cheesy. A task that is not always easy to accomplish.

One of our customers recently had the Columbus Award made for an awards ceremony last week and  we were able to see first hand the quality of this product.

We were impressed. Beautiful etching of the world (get it…Columbus award….) presented in a black box with blue velvet lining. The award is heavy too which makes it all the more classy. The notch you see in the last quadrant of the above photo is there to enable it to stand on point giving it unique twist.

For more info on the award click on the above photo or jump on over to our promotional website The Next Event.


Glow in the Dark Zip Up Hoodie

I am completely mesmerized by these hoodies. Mainly because I am curious where the heck the batteries go and what they mean by light-up settings. But nevertheless here is the latest offering from J. America: The Glow In The Dark Hoodie.

The electroluminescent (real word) piping on the zipper placket and hood offer up to three lighting set ups and come in   four color options (Neon Green, Electric Blue, Electric Red, and Ice Blue). The jacket is 7oz. black 100% polyester fleece with pouch pockets.

The novelty of these jackets makes them perfect for any use but here are some ideas just in case…

  • Corporate Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Running, Bike, or OCR Racing
  • Spirit Wear
  • Concerts, Dance Clubs, Night Clubs, other Evening Events

Then again maybe you just want to have one on hand to relax by the fire on those cooler summer evenings. Just remember Batteries Not Included.

Photos courtesy of J. America and S&S

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Backpacks for Commuters

It is so much easier to work from home these days. Unless you run an embroidery shop then not so much…those machines are way to heavy to carry anywhere! But for a lot of folks bringing home the lap top is a way of life. As long as you have to (or want to) do it why not make a stylish statement with it.

Backpacks are a highly visible  way of getting your brand out there.  More important it is a product guaranteed to be used; not tucked away in some dark spot in the far corner of a desk collecting dust.

Besides being perfect for your employee’s everyday use  they also can be used to highlight employee achievements, work anniversaries, or used as an appreciation gift for your top clients. Going on a corporate outing, retreat, or trade show? The backpacks can be stuffed with other goodies and become  another  way to make your brand seen.

Click on any of the above photos to be take to our Next Event promotional website where you can find pricing and other color options.

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