Golfing for Batten Disease

You may have seen some pictures over on our Facebook Page of some work we were doing for our local chapter that helps support research for Batten Disease. The Allendale Country Club sponsored a golf tournament yesterday to help raise awareness of this fatal childhood disease.

TheĀ  tournament was a great success and we are proud to be able to support a great cause. The tee’s and polo shirts looked great and everyone loved the goodie bags.

IMG_2941 And now the golf clubs are put away and the banquet hall is cleaned up this for this year. That doesn’t mean however that this devastating disease is done playing.

We hope after watching you will find out how you can help Batten Disease by clicking this link: Batten Disease Support and Research Association.




Gray for a Bohemian Inspired Look

While looking through ourĀ  Bloglovin’ feed this picture, in a post by TLVBirdie, caught my eye. The post talks about how most people think of black or white as the go to colors to create a wardrobe around. But TLVBiride says if you want to create a relaxed, laid back bohemian look start with a basic gray tee.

Wardrobe Essential Guide - Grey T-shirt _TLV Birdie Blog 01Photo courtesy of TLVBirdie

This works well in your own personal wardrobe but how does it translate into the workplace? And if you are in charge of your businesses corporate gear you know how hard it can be to try and find items that represent your business ideas and the “vibe” you want it to generate.

Our take on bohemian looks is District Made. They make some great tees with different cuts, textures, styles, and weights.

These tees would be perfect for setting a warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere for your clients. All of these styles can be embroidered or screened or left to layer under a jacket or sweater. The different styles work well together and keep your employees in the same color palette without making everyone look too matched.

Photo courtesy of TLVBirdie





Real Pocket Books

The top paper back book publisher in Brazil teamed up with a Brazilian fashion house and created a great marketing / branding project. As a huge reader this idea I thought was brilliant.

And just because we may not be able to get our hands on these works of art quite so easily don’t despair. Create your own by putting your favorite quote on your favorite garment: A motivational quote down the leg of your sweatpants, a short poem for the back pocket on your jeans, or a long quote for the back of a tee shirt. Oh the possibilities.

For more information on this project click here. It is worth the read. (But I say that all the time don’t I….)

Heavy Metal and Embroidery….seriously…

Who said embroidery was for little old ladies without anything better to do? Check this out…The heavy metal band Throne just released the first every frame by frame music video done with nothing but embroidery.

Our friends at Wilcom said in their blog post on this endeavor “With over 3000 individually stitched frames and an estimate of around 45 million individual stitches, the project was completed on an extremely tight schedule with an allocated time period of six months and an ironclad screening deadline of May 12th.”

Even if you are not a fan of heavy metal the results are amazing.

Get the full story on this project here. It is worth the read through.

Authentic Pigment Updates Its Look

AP old logoYou might recognize this logo. In fact some where in your tee shirt collection you probably have an Authentic Pigment tee. Hang on to it…the label could become a collectors item as Authentic Pigment has just undergone a branding update.

The quality hasn’t changed just the look of the label. Authentic Pigment kept their Original Resort Tee’s and Sweatshirts and added a new line of XtraFine 5oz Combed Ringspun Cotton tee’s and tanks as well as new French Terry Sweatshirts and Hoodies. All with an updated, modern fit that cuts closer to the body for a more pulled together look. And you will love the color pallet: indigos, neons, pastels, industrials, and hues taken right from mother nature

We just got some samples here at the shop so next time you are in be sure to ask for a sneak peak. Another great alternative for your summer tee wardrobe.

Hoodie Time

Yes it is the middle of July but it is never too soon to start thinking about your Fall apparel needs. Here is a video of some of the newest hoodie styles on the market for your school, club, team, or corporate group.

We are fascinated by Hoodie #2 and the built in face mask. Which is your favorite?

Happy 4th of July 2014

Well, we have no clue where June went and as you can see from lack of blog posts we were busy. So thank you to all our customers who made June fly by here at the shop.

We will be closing today at 2:00 pm and reopening on Monday July 7th to catch our breaths and enjoy some time with our families. We hope you enjoy your celebrations and stay tuned for new stuff on the blog later in the month.