Spring into Plaid Heaven

Spring is certainly taking its sweet time arriving, but try to visualize with me the moment when you are on your back deck, on the boat, or at an outdoor concert and you notice that the warm summer sun has gone down and their is a slight chill in the air. You don’t want a bulky jacket or sweatshirt..it brings back too many memories of this past winter. What do you reach for?

Plaids and Chambray from Weatherproof.

The details on these shirts are great and their softness surpasses none (perfect for those evenings when you may be a little red from too much sun). Ladies don’t fret, they do have a couple of the styles made just for you.

The catalog has  been added to our E-Catalogs. Check out page 64 and 65.

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It’s Spring!

Happy Spring Equinox. (Forget all about the snow that is forecast for later today…)

Dress Shirt 1

Mitzi and Eleanor are back with fresh new styles from Devon and Jones. These shirts are replacing the ever popular Chestnut Hill line. For those fans of Chestnut Hill never fear though. The new Devon and Jones Crown Woven Collection brings new colors and patterns with an eye for detail and solid construction.

The full list of colors and patterns is in the Devon&Jones section on our website (scroll to bottom of page). We have samples here in the shop so stop by and take a look in person.

Happy Spring!

CamoHex: A Updated Camo Look

Sport Tek is introducing a new kind of pattern for their performance tees, sweatshirts and hats. It is a new twist on an old classic. The CamoHex is a  sublimated digital camo that uses small hexagons in a tonal pattern.  We gotta admit it is pretty cool.

The tee’s are 3.8 oz of 100% Polyester, go from XS-4XL and come in youth sizes. But the real question is how well do the work when you print something on them?

camo shirts 2 up

I used Sisser Cad-Cut Fashion film and did a small front logo and large back image on the ladies tee. (And yes I did that on purpose as I intend to wear it later….) The pattern shows through the orange film a bit but personally I liked the effect. It makes it look like it is more apart of the shirt and not sitting on top of it. The film went on very easy and looks quite good after a washing.

These shirts are perfect for your team, gym, or corporate team building, come in some cool colors, and have other matching items so you can make a complete outfit if you so desire.

Let us know what you think! Here is the CamoHex link  on our website where you can find them and the color options.

Mixing Typography

Picking out the right font for your embroidery or screen printing work is actually a lot harder then you think. Because typography can convey a lot about your brand, you need to make sure it is evoking the right feel or emotion. Pretty esoteric huh?

This chart by DesignMantic is a great resource for taking that “OMG there are too many fonts to choose from” feeling away and making the choice simpler.

DesignMantic.com Font Commandments


Monograms with a Twist

We do a lot of monogramming.  We have three basic styles and it  is a great way to personalize gifts for all kinds of events and milestones.

But what if you take it up a notch and your monogram became your brand? By playing around with font types and sizes you can create a unique monogram and use it in just the same way you would any logo. It is especially great idea if you are self employed and use your name or initials as your business name.

Here are some examples I found on  Ultralinx.com and pulled the ones that caught my eye. Do make sure to check out their website for the other images which are just as inspiring.

Monogram 4 Monogram 3 monogram 1 monogram 2 Monogram 5

You’ll never look at your monogram the same.