Spring Trends 2017

Spring is here! The weather is still not completely spring like yet but here are a couple of trends to get you in the mood.

I usually think of more pastelly (this may not  be a real word but….) colors for spring but Pantone says otherwise. Lighter tones without all the pastelliness. (again pretty sure I made that word up too.)

District Made is bringing back a trend from the mid 90’s with their drapey tank over a fitted white tee. Add some of your designs via heat transfers and you are on point.


I got to see the new Mineral Freeze trend in person a few weeks ago. We featured these items on the blog awhile back and here is how Sport Tek is styling them. The Mineral Freeze is a curious trend very popular with the younger sport teams. 

All of the gear with item numbers are available now so you can start your own Spring 2017 trends.


Posted by Leann 3.22.17

Glow in the Dark Zip Up Hoodie

I am completely mesmerized by these hoodies. Mainly because I am curious where the heck the batteries go and what they mean by light-up settings. But nevertheless here is the latest offering from J. America: The Glow In The Dark Hoodie.

The electroluminescent (real word) piping on the zipper placket and hood offer up to three lighting set ups and come in   four color options (Neon Green, Electric Blue, Electric Red, and Ice Blue). The jacket is 7oz. black 100% polyester fleece with pouch pockets.

The novelty of these jackets makes them perfect for any use but here are some ideas just in case…

  • Corporate Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Running, Bike, or OCR Racing
  • Spirit Wear
  • Concerts, Dance Clubs, Night Clubs, other Evening Events

Then again maybe you just want to have one on hand to relax by the fire on those cooler summer evenings. Just remember Batteries Not Included.

Photos courtesy of J. America and S&S

Posted by Leann 3.15.17


Port Authority Pinpoint Mesh Polo’s

The new spring samples are arriving here at the shop and this was one of the first to come in. Okay I admit I ordered it well ahead of time and had our logo put on it so I could start wearing it as soon as the weather warmed. And for once I will be on trend.  As our sales rep for Port Authority pointed out, loud color blocking is out, reflective details are in.

K580 for Men and L580 for Women


The men’s have three button placket with dyed-to-match buttons and side vents while the ladies has a dyed-to- match zipper, front princess seams and a rounded hem. Both are 4.3 ounces 100 polyester so they will breath and wick moisture.

For more color options and descriptions click K580 and L580.

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Backpacks for Commuters

It is so much easier to work from home these days. Unless you run an embroidery shop then not so much…those machines are way to heavy to carry anywhere! But for a lot of folks bringing home the lap top is a way of life. As long as you have to (or want to) do it why not make a stylish statement with it.

Backpacks are a highly visible  way of getting your brand out there.  More important it is a product guaranteed to be used; not tucked away in some dark spot in the far corner of a desk collecting dust.

Besides being perfect for your employee’s everyday use  they also can be used to highlight employee achievements, work anniversaries, or used as an appreciation gift for your top clients. Going on a corporate outing, retreat, or trade show? The backpacks can be stuffed with other goodies and become  another  way to make your brand seen.

Click on any of the above photos to be take to our Next Event promotional website where you can find pricing and other color options.

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Tee’s and Tank’s with a Twist

District Made always has a modern twist on classic clothing. Like tanks tops and tee’s in Cosmic colors. (Seriously that is what those colors are called…)

Or turning a classic V-Neck tee into something with a little surprise.

Or making your good old hoodie a little lighter for spring.

Keep an eye on District Made and District Threads. They always have cool stuff they unveil throughout the year.

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Aloha Friday: Hawaii’s version of TGIF

Did you know we have Hawaiian’s to thank for Casual Friday’s?

According to Wikipedia:  “In 1965, Bill Foster, Sr., president of the Hawaii Fashion Guild, led the organization in a campaign lobbying for “Aloha Friday”, a day employers would allow men to wear aloha shirts on the last business day of the week a few months out of the year.”  By 1966 Aloha Friday was born and Aloha Shirts were worn every Friday through out the year. That crazy 60’s generation didn’t stop there though. In the 1970’s the Aloha Shirt became standard business attire for the whole work week doing in  the formal business fashions of the past. Those Hawaiians were so ahead of their time.

It took a bit longer to arrive here in the states. Wikipedia says it hit California in the early 1990’s when it became know as Casual Friday. And thus a whole new attitude in work apparel was born.

Weather your place of business is casual all week or just on Friday’s Hawaiian shirts make great statements at trade shows, outings, retreats, and even as a reward for the Big Kahuna of the Month, Quarter, or Year.

Wanna really get into the Friday mood? Check out this song called “It’s Aloha Friday, No Work ’til Monday” that is played every Friday on Hawaiian radio stations all over the state. Hau‘oli Friday!

Click on over to Blue Generation for a closer look at the styles shown above.

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The Futurist Trend

Athleisure, foil printing, reflective and blurred motion details, as well as unexpected logo placement are the wave of the future.  And for once it looks like National Embroidery in on trend. We just finished a silver foil tee shirt project for one of our customers and they were thrilled not only by the resulting look but also by the fact that they sold out of the tee’s at their event. We have also seen an up tick in the demand for gear with reflective details. So much so  that we now offer 3M Reflective Vinyl for smaller heat press jobs. Keep an eye on the Home page for an upcoming post on ways you can use the 3M Reflective Vinyl.

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UPDATE 2.10.17

We hope everyone weathered Niko without incident.

We are back at it and opened  today until 4:30.


Well it is currently raining here at the shop. Go figure….60 degrees yesterday blizzard warning today. Ah New England we love ya.

We are here until the snow starts to fly for any pick ups or orders. We will be checking e-mails through out the day so feel free to e-mail either Dale or me.

We will update this Blog post and our Facebook Page should something change and let you know what is happening tomorrow.

Unless Niko takes out power…then just stay indoors and be cozy.

Be safe.

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Do You Like Getting Things on Sale?

We sure do and have just come up with a new addition to our website menu bar.

Introducing ON SALE NOW! (Not terribly original I know but hey, it gets the message across.)  When our vendors offer specials to us we like to pass them on to you.  Instead of  spamming your in- box with e-mails every few days as sale items come and go, we decided to put all the sale items in one spot. When you are ready to place an order you can check out the ON SALE NOW! tab first and see if there might be anything you are interested in ON SALE NOW! (see how I did that?).

At the moment we are offering sale items on Apparel only. However over the next few months stay tuned as we update our Promotional website (under the Promotional tab in the menu bar) and give it a much needed make over. Soon you will see sales on Promotional items as well.  How fun will that be?!?!

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