Summer Ideas….

Just a quick post with some ideas to feed your planning process for upcoming events be they late summer or early fall.

New Era Hats for teams, outings, corporate events.


Augusta lounge wear for teams, gyms, school spirit wear, or family events.


Bags by OGIO and Port and Company for just about any event you have on the calendar.

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Summer Ideas part II with more good stuff posting shortly.



Hanes for the Warm Weather Ahead

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Hanes is mostly like tee shirts. Or maybe underwear (but we don’t sell underwear so let’s stick to tee’s). And when thinking of those tee shirts you probably say to yourself “lot of color options but cotton can be so heavy for the summer.”

Introducing Hanes X-Temp and Hanes Color Dri. While neither of these items are new to the Hanes line they may be new to you and give you some new options/ideas for your business, community activities, school functions, or family events.


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Spring into Plaid Heaven

Spring is certainly taking its sweet time arriving, but try to visualize with me the moment when you are on your back deck, on the boat, or at an outdoor concert and you notice that the warm summer sun has gone down and their is a slight chill in the air. You don’t want a bulky jacket or brings back too many memories of this past winter. What do you reach for?

Plaids and Chambray from Weatherproof.

The details on these shirts are great and their softness surpasses none (perfect for those evenings when you may be a little red from too much sun). Ladies don’t fret, they do have a couple of the styles made just for you.

The catalog has  been added to our E-Catalogs. Check out page 64 and 65.

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